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This course introduces the terms, rules, statues and procedures for activities related to Notarial Acts (day to day operations of a Notary Public). Upon successful completion of this course, a certificate is issued and documented evidence is provided for submission to the State of Florida for appointment as a Notary Public. 

Please note: This course is currently in development by RemoteMinded, LLC and under review by the State of Florida for certification.

Companies need to ensure every single employee knows what is and what is not appropriate workplace behavior. 

NEW! This course now covers cyberbullying and virtual meeting and online communication etiquette.

The practice of elevating productivity and time management requires focus and conscious planning to help win back control of your busy day, and conquer financial goals. Challenges are often presented in the workplace, which can affect our ability to make optimal use of our time. However, with the help of prioritization, goal-setting, and appropriate organization of the mind and space around us, we are able to elevate our productivity while overcoming time management barriers. 

This course will provide you with appropriate strategies to increase both personal and professional productivity, as well as learn to work smarter. Exceptional time management skills have a powerful effect on shaping an organized, successful business.

Cyber security is the implementation of methods to prevent attacks on a company’s information systems. This is done to avoid disruption of the company’s productivity. Not only does cyber security include controlling physical access to the system’s hardware, it protects from danger that may come via unauthorized network access or the injection of code.

Data is a companies most valuable asset and failure to protect that data can damage a business' reputation and cause significant penalties. Protection from unauthorized access and malicious attacks is every employee's responsibility.